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words by Collen Demerez

One of my favourite rising models right now goes by the name Tommy Hackett. Someone who I've known about through Instagram for a while, but recently through his hard work has broken through the industry. We named him our No.2 best new Face because we believe he is going to fully take over the industry. Tommy has this very innocent but edgy look to him, that makes him such a great face for brands to mould to their identities. Having spent last year working for brands like Versace, D&G and starring in his first campaign for Dsquared2 FW18, he now follows that success with his second consecutive campaign for the brand, the SS19 Campaign. I am too eager to see what he will bring to fashion past the excellence we're already seeing, so I thought it was a brilliant time to interview him and learn a little more about him. This is what he had to say.

What’s your full name?

Thomas Clinton Hackett

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii

How would you describe yourself?

Well, most of my friends describe me as a wildcard and I feel like I resonate with that description, I feel like the people I surround myself with affect me a lot.

How were you discovered and how long have you been modelling?

Family friends and others told me to always try modelling. I started in Hawaii with a small boutique company when I was 17. Nothing really kicked off until I went on a trip to LA with my mom and got my pictures sent out to a lot of agencies through a third party. Then I found Wilhelmina, they just felt right and I have been with them ever since.

What was your very first modelling job?

My first modelling job was for a surf company in Hawaii called T&C surf. I was doing a spot for there company in Tokyo, which was interesting because there was quite a language barrier. It was a very fun shoot where I got surf and be outside the whole time.

How does it feel to be to be starring in your second consecutive DSquared2 campaign?

I was in shock doing the first one and felt so honoured to come back for the second. It felt very very cool because they bleached my hair for the campaign, which I have always wanted to do. It was cool to walk the show as “Dsquared's golden boy” haha. I kept the hair on through fashion week felt like a whole new person.

Do you have a dream modelling job or a brand you really want to work with?

I feel like a real dream of mine would be shooting an underwear campaign for Calvin Klein. Sounds kinda obvious of course but I grew idealizing Mark Wahlberg and the guys that shot those campaigns back 20 years ago.

What’s the most played song on your playlist right now?

It would have to be 'Eli Brown- Sumatra'.

What's something you couldn't live without?

The ocean

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I would like to be already a couple years into my acting career, but still modelling and travelling the world.

Special thanks to Christian Rios & Wilhelmina Models LA

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