Interview with Noah L. Brown

Words: Collen Demerez

Everyone knows our favourite faces currently with the list that we released back in January and ofcourse a personal favourite of mine being the timeless face that is newcomer Noah L Brown. Noah has pretty much been the face of the Men's SS18 season. With nothing but ease and pose he starred in the historic final collections of Kim Jones for Louis Vuitton and also sits comfortably as part of the ICONIC Versace campaign archives, starring along the original supermodels may we add. It is truly nothing short of a monumental moment to have a face of no legacy or ties to the industry to sore through it and make a mark so quickly. Noah is truly someone, I and the Reflex team believe will stand the test of time. With a face that I feel could have been seen on the runway of the 90s or could be placed in the runways of 2050.

I caught up with his manager Zineta before my interview with him, who explained Noah’s background and how he went from a high school teenager to a high fashion top model in just a few months. Zineta explained “we discovered him [Noah Brown] as a school boy on Instagram over one year ago. I was fascinated with his personality and his special look and I decided to do personal management with him. I just placed him with one agency beside us. In only 1 month he confirmed the LV SHOW exclusively, which he opened. In only 11 months he was confirmed for 2 exclusive Louis Vuitton shows, 2 LV World Campaigns & the Versace World Campaign shot by Steven Meisel. He booked everything direct (sitting in base Switzerland). He did only one casting last year which was for LV. As a new face Noah has also appeared 2 times in Vogue Italia, one once again with Meisel & the other with infamous duo Mert & Marcus together with some of the world’s biggest supermodels.” Zineta went on to add, “I have been in the business for 20 years and I don’t remember someone ever having this career in just 11 months, while sitting in school in his home town and not moving around the world for the castings. He is a school boy from a normal family but he is rolling faster then anyone else.”

With that extraordinary introduction, I sat down with the wonderful Noah L Brown. This is what he had to tell us about himself.

What has it been like coming out of school and almost immediately working supermodel status jobs? It was an unforgettable moment like how was it even possible to start with such big brands?! It took me a long time to realize the whole thing, I did in only one year. Like being a part of one of the most iconic shows in this century and work with the biggest names in the industry. I also travelled around the globe. It’s always a big and new adventure doing new jobs.

Did you have any knowledge of the fashion world before you were discovered? Before I was discovered as a model by my agency Visage I thought I had some knowledge but when I started working I saw i just knew the biggest parts everybody knows. It was a big surprise and experience to see what’s happening behind the scenes

What did it feel like getting the Louis Vuitton Show as your first ever job? When my Agent Zineta Blank told me I was confirmed for the LV show, I thought she was joking but when she was serious it took my breath for a moment haha. Then the fact that I opened the show was so unreal and it’s been so fast, 0 up to a 100 real quick. I had this little excited boy smile on me. but tbh it was a next level experience.

You've had such an incredible first year in 2017 and even better year in this 2018, what has been your favourite highlight so far? One of my highlights was of course to open the Louis Vuitton x Supreme show, getting to travel to Tokyo and being a part of a few shots of worldwide campaigns.

Is there a brand out there that you'd love to work with? Of course! I already worked with two of them :) But I would love to work with any watch or car brands too.

What was it like working with legendary photographer Steven Meisel for the Versace SS18 & Louis Vuitton SS18 Campaigns? To work with Steven is or was something very very special. I can’t even really describe it but its incredible what an energy Steven has behind the camera.

What's your favourite thing to do when you're not working? It really depends on where I am and if I’m alone or with someone. When I’m international, I love visiting/explore cities and meet new people otherwise when I’m at home I’m always spending time with my homies.

What is your biggest goal for this year? Good question I don’t really know it’s a lot of things but one of my goals this year is keep building myself up and work more on priority things.

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