Interview with João Knorr

Words: Collen Demerez

We have to thank Brazil for the abundance of male and female supermodels it's given us, from Gisele to Francisco, we've come to know it as the birthplace of some of fashions best faces. Coming to add to that long list of stars is newcomer João Pedro Knorr, a name you should all get well acquainted with. João is trailblazing on the fashion scene was the perfect person to spotlight. In just a year he has worked for brands like Balmain, Jeremy Scott, to name a few and this F/W18 alone booked not one but three of the seasons biggest campaigns, Philipp Plein FW18 Campaign, Versace FW18 Campaign and Tom Ford's FW18 campaign. There's no doubt this guy is gunning for the top and we were too eager to introduce him to our readers before our official Models List out at the end of this year. Here's what João had to tell me about himself when we sat down for an interview with him.

Stay tuned to see where João ranks on our end of years Models of 2018/19 List.

What’s your full name?

João Pedro Knorr.

Where are you from?

I’m from south of Brazil, a small town called Panambi in Rio Grande do Sul.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a very calm, determined and observant person, I love the animals and the simple things that life gave me.

How were you discovered and how long have you been modelling?

I was discovered during a volleyball match in Brazil, I started one year ago when a girlfriend introduced me to her agency in a championship.

What was your very first modelling job?

My first modelling job was the shows in Brazil at Sao Paulo fashion week. Renner was my first show.

You recently just landed two of the biggest jobs, the Tom Ford AW18 Campaign and the Versace AW18 campaign, how did it feel to book those major jobs?

It was a great pleasure to know and work with these brands. It’s a huge honour to be part of campaigns with so many great models and such incredible production. I never thought that one day I would ever work for such big brands. One year ago, I was just playing sports all day, planning my studies and thinking about my life in Brazil, today I get to explore the world, know new people and discover new cultures all over the world.

You are no doubt one of the hottest talents on the men’s modelling scene, how does it feel to be doing so well?

I feel very proud of myself and my team and listening to it makes me look for more and more energy to keep moving forward, to conquer more and reach my goals.

You’ve worked with Balmain, Jeremy Scott, along with Tom Ford and Versace to name a few, but is there a brand you haven’t worked with that you’d like to or a dream job perhaps?

One of my great goals is to lead a great perfume ad with worldwide coverage.

You have a background in tennis, can you tell us more about that, Is that one of your passions?

Yes, tennis is definitely my number one passion, it was the sport that made me move to Porto Alegre before switching to volleyball and meeting my first agency. Sports just make me feel more alive and happy. I’m so thankful for every door tennis and volleyball opened for me thanks to this I had the courage to leave my small town and go explore the world and discover everything it can offer me today.

What’s a song you have on repeat on your playlist right now?

“Já sei namorar” from Tribalistas.

What’s something you couldn’t live without?

The people that I love.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I would like to be living in NY as a successful model and maybe planning a career as an actor.

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