Words by Tonderai Collen Demerez

My latest brand find is not much of a recent discovery but more a gradual one. First spotted on the back of my favourite instagramer Marcos Fecchino, Thom Browne NY has caught my eye too many times to not discuss. Founded by American fashion designer Thom Browne who named the brand after himself, Thom Browne NY is both a menswear and womenswear brand. Although, incredibly well known within the states, I recognised that there were a few places who hadn’t been acquainted with the clothing brand. The New York based brand is nothing if not a reflection of the extravagant lifestyles in the big apple. The clothes have this traditional look to them, like old Americano with a very modern spin. Each piece made by Thom Browne NY is immaculately tailored with this uniform like structure. Everything about the brand seems cross generational as if it was made for the 50/60s young man living in the 21st century. Their menswear especially, encompasses all the masculine and athletic essence of a man without being afraid to go somewhere completely unconventional. Their runway pieces are even more so an example of how unconventional the brand can get, offering clothing that are as much art pieces as they are Ready To Wear. A recent example being a bird suit shown in the SS17 menswear collection, amongst other incredibly beautiful uniform like beachwear. T.B NY has become known for adapting uniform in their runway collections, taking it from being this tool of conformity and making it into something that expresses individuality. There has been many references the brand has made to designer Thom Browne’s past, whether it’s his catholic school uniforms or military and work uniform he grew up seeing. There’s a certain perspective to the clothes at Thom Browne, runway or otherwise, that feels personal and give us an insight into this better past in the future. I can’t help but think it is this sense of familiarity to uniform and structure that makes the brand so appealing to its customers. I only can be eager to see where Thom Browne NY is going to keep taking this conventional style for the unconventional man. The brands flagship store is in New York City but you can find all things Thom Browne on their website

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